If you currently use PayPal to send and receive money, then you may think that the site can be used via computers online. While that was true at one time, PayPal now offers apps that both individual and business account holders can take advantage of. That’s right. You can now use your mobile device to complete nearly all of the functions that can be completed via the PayPal website. What’s more, they are free from the App Store, Google Play, and the Windows Phone Store.

Each app will of course allow you to send money. Sending money to family or friends is usually a free process, depending on how you choose to fund the transfer. Transfers that come from your existing account balance are almost always free, provided that you are sending money to someone within your country. Bank wire transfers are usually free as well. Credit and debit card transfer fees do apply, and you can contact PayPal to learn more about the current rates.

The app will also allow you to keep track of your current balance. This is clearly important when you need to keep track of your spending or wish to make a purchase from your existing balance. If you have and use the PayPal debit card, the app will be a valuable tool for keeping up with your spending. Balance information updates immediately, and pending transactions are displayed. Note that PayPal does not immediately pull funds for pending transactions, so spend accordingly.

In addition to the app, business customers can request a card reader that will allow them to accept payments from their phone or other internet-connected mobile device. The card reader allows the customer to swipe their credit or debit card, and then electronically sign to approve the transaction. This is an excellent way for self-employed persons to accept PayPal payments, and have the funds transferred directly into their account. For transaction rate information, contact the PayPal customer service team.

Security is a concern when using mobile devices, the same as it is when using standard computers. Be sure to have some type of password on your phone, and/or log out of your PayPal account when accessing it via an app. Just to be safe, delete the app when upgrading to a new device. If you would like other tips about how to securely use the PayPal apps to send and receive payments, visit the PayPal website or contact the customer support team.