PayPal offers more than one account type, and making the proper selection will help to ensure that you pay the lowest fees. While for some the choice between a personal or business account is clear, for others, the decision is not quite so simply. The following information will help you to select the proper account type when registering for a PayPal account, but if you already have an account and need to make a change, you can certainly do so.

One example of a circumstance where one might not know which account to choose would be that of the occasional eBay seller. If you routinely sell items online, be it through eBay or elsewhere, you may want to opt for a business account. In addition to adjusted fees, several forms of seller protection are offered through the site. Buyer protection is offered as well, a fact which fosters confidence and can boost sales.

If you only plan to use PayPal to pay for purchases and/or occasionally send money to friends and family, then a personal account is going to be the best choice. The only exception would be if you for some reason would like to use the PayPal MasterCard debit. This card is provided to business account holders (if they would like one) and can be used just as any other debit card. The card can also be used to withdraw cash from participating cash machines all over the UK.

If you own a business and wish to accept PayPal, then you clearly need a business account. If you would like to accept credit and debit cards through PayPal, then request a card reader to go with your account. The card reader works through most modern mobile devices, allowing business owners to swipe physical cards and accept payments. A percentage and flat fee is charged for transactions completed via the card swipe tool. Use the Paypal contact number to speak to PayPal customer services to learn more about this special offer for business owners.

For most, the choice between personal and business accounts is quite clear. Where the lines may become blurred is for part-time or occasional sellers. PayPal support can help by making suggestions based upon how and what you sell. Don’t hesitate to give the PayPal customer service department a call if you would like guidance with selecting the appropriate account, or would like to change from one account type to another.